office fit-out


Doing office fit-out is more than just interior design and electric installations. It’s one of the most important phases a business owner has to go through before he opens or expands his business line. Your work milieu is a crucial space for your personnel and clientele. Majority of your business load like contract signings, negotiations, […]

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old office furniture

Reasons why business owners should replace old office furniture

As much as we hate to admit it, old office furniture impacts the frame of mind and work psyche of our people and our clients. Our workplace acts as the extension of our homes because we spend a great deal of our everyday there. Despite this, not a lot of people pay attention to the […]

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office furniture Philippines

How your office furniture improves business productivity

Every time you go to work, for about 8 hours or so, you use office furniture around you. You sit on the exact same chair and work on the exact same table. When you’re consumed with so much work to do, you don’t usually take time to admire how beautiful your shelves are, or how […]

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